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500 KVA to 3000 KVA upto 33 Kv Oil Cooled Distribution Transformer with On Load Tap Changer.
Power Transformers up to 10,000 KVA (10 MVA) up to 66 KV voltage with On Load Tap Changer.
Dry Type , Air cooled transformer up to 22KV voltage.
Cast Resin Transformer up to 22KV voltage.
Earthing Transformer.
Auto Transformer.
Furnace Transformer up to 15000 Amp. with OLTC.
Excitation Transformer.
Generator Transformer.
Isolation Transformer.
Moving Coil Regulator.
Traction Transformer.
Mining Transformer.
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for Power Fluctuation .
Series & Shunt Reactor.
Converter duty transformer for HVDC system.
CT-PT Unit upto 33kv with ERDA Testing .
Multiple Secondary Windings Transformer.
Zig-zag & Vector group Transformer.
Thyristor duty transformer.
Rectifier Transformer
High frequency Transformers for Aeronautics.
High voltage testing Transformers.

1 Transformers are manufactured from imported cold rolled grain oriented M3H/M4H Grade Lamination duly mitered & annealed with low Flux Density, to have LOW ENERGY BILL.
2 Saving of energy which occurs through out the operation life-time for the transformer.
3 Higher no-load power factor of the transformer.
4 Low Magnetizing Current to save no-load electricity bills & capacitors for Transformer.
5 Less temperature rise of core.
6 Copper Section are Pure Electrolytic Copper 99.9% Supplied by NICCO/Indian Cables/Alcobex.
7 Transposed Duplex Winding for copper conductors with Double/Triple covered Munjasco cable paper with extra cotton covering.
8 Designed to take 20% over load on emergency.  
9 Transformers are designed for high impedance i.e. up to 10% or even more to with stand heavy load and short circuit, as per your specifications.
10 Inherent overloading capacity due to       

(a) Low Loss, more size and more quantity of oil.

(b) High power factor and less no-load current.

11 Higher time constant hence increased life.
12 Saving in investment for generation and subsequent reduction in fuel consumptions and emissions.
13 Any number of taps are provided to take care of voltage drop as  per specification up to 200 Amps on Link Board or on OFF Load Tap Changer or on ON Load Tap Changer with motorized operation & having Automatic Voltage Regulator with Remote Display of no of Taps.
14 Perfect isolation, high resistance to over voltages.
15 Imported German Make Laetheroid / Elephantide / Nomex Insulation materials are used.
16 Transformer oil of High Break Down Voltage & High Restivities, supplied by “Power Oil” having ISI sealed from M/s. Apar Ltd., Trombay.
17 More than sufficient broader Radiators having Eliptical shape are provided to limit temperature of oil. These Radiators are manufactured as per German Design from 1.15 mm thick MS CRCA Sheets.
18 Suitable for Installation in humid, salinous and dusty environments.
19 Incoming & outgoing connection preferably on side walls of the tank & H.T.Oil chamber.
20 Designed to facilitate Installation Engineers for easy install &connect.
21 All fittings, Conservator with detachable cover, Inspection cover, Main Lid etc. fitted such that, without disturbing HV & LV connecting cables, easy maintenance can be done in absolutely no time at site.
22 Low noise due to less magnetostriacation up to 48 db.
23 Within or out of Guarantee Stand- by replacement within no time is assured, so that you can run your industry without loss of production and time.
24 Exchange or conversion of your existing Transformers to different voltage and capacity is under taken in no time with enhanced warranty.