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To get better understanding on the Technical Specification of the Transformers & also to quote more competitive in prices, we are giving below a Questionnaire, which we hope will not take much of your time to complete. this feedback information from your will help us to give Transformer with a higher value.     

A. Capacity & its type of duty      KVA.

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1. Voltage Volts. Volts.
2. Current Amps. Amps.
3. Connection
4. No. of Phases
5. No. of Tapping
6. Voltage Steps of Tapping
7. Terminal Arrangement
8. Frequency   Hz   Hz
9. Vector Group
10. Ambient Temp Degree Cenugrade
11. Type of Cooling
12. Type of Winding
13. Class of Insulation
14. Tape changer
15. Application
16. Temperature Rise
17. Spares if required
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